Alex Reid `won’t face criminal damage charges` after break-in arrest

by Rajiv Dhoot, 09/07/2012

London, Sept 7: Alex Reid won’t be facing charges after he was arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage and using violence to enter the Essex house he shares with Chantelle Houghton, in the early hours of the morning.

The mixed martial artist decided to release a statement to tell fans that the police decided to let him go scot free.

“Alex was arrested at the address he shares with his partner, Chantelle Houghton after she called police following a disturbance,” the Mirror quoted the statement on his website as saying.

“The reasons for Alex’s arrest have been widely publicised and in some cases inaccurate and based on conjecture. Alex considers this a private matter and therefore is not prepared to comment on it save to say that he assisted police with their enquiries and following that, the police have taken no further action.”

A neighbour, who was woken up by the disturbance, said: “I could hear a man shouting and when I looked out I saw Alex Reid. He was screaming, `Let me in’. Other people living in the street must have woken up because I saw a few lights go on.”

“I’m used to them making noise late at night but I only usually hear cars coming back and forth and sometimes a bit of loud talking. This time I heard banging and lots of shouting,” another said. (ANI)

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