Bellingham martial arts instructor arrested for voyeurism

JAKE WHITTENBERG, January 26, 2011

BELLINGHAM, WASH. – A 24-year-old martial arts instructor has been arrested after he was caught spying on one of his female students.

According to Bellingham Police, a 26-year-old woman told the owner of Shayne Simpson’s Pacific Northwest Karate Center that she found a video cell phone in her dressing room. 

The instructor was fired after it was found that the cell phone was placed in position to capture video of the student undressing.

According to Simpson, the instructor asked the student to weigh herself in a private room prior to a kickboxing competition.

Police say the instructor admitted to spying on the student. He is being held in the Whatcom County Jail where he faces charges of voyeurism.

“It’s completely the opposite of the attitude and mission of what we do here,” said Shayne Simpson. “We empower the lives of people. To have an employee break that bond brings a lot of sadness.”

There is no evidence that any other students were spied on.

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