Popular Karate Instructor Arrested

By: Melissa Maeyer

A man many people know as a popular martial arts instructor in amarillo was arrested on Friday

A little after 4 that afternoon, 62 year old Nelson Dewey Harvey was arrested on two counts of indecency with a child.

Nelson Dewey Harvey is the owner and operator of the Harvey’s Karate Tae Kwon Do Center in Amarillo.

The allegations are from two separate accounts, from two different victims, that occurred during Harvey’s after school program.

The first complaint claims that on November 4th of 2005, Harvey touched the breast of an 11 year old victim 3 different times in one day.

The second alleged act occurred under similar circumstances in October of 2005, and involves a 9 year old female, whose sibling witnessed some of the offense.

It claims he intended to arouse and gratify sexual desire from the defendant, plus attempt to engage in sexual contact.

Corporal Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police said, “when you have an out cry like this and you get one victim or, in this case, you get 2 victims–now there is the possibility we many have others for whatever reasons who held back or didn’t feel comfortable or felt threatened, who are now willing to come forward and say this happened and this happened there. And you might not have any.”

Neufeld suggests you talk to your children if they attended Harvey’s Karate.

He also says parents should make it a habit to talk to their kids about the after school activities they’re involved in to make sure no one is harming them.

If Harvey is convicted, he could face time in prison or he could get probation.

Right now he is being held at the Potter County Jail on two 25 thousand dollar bonds.

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