The Top Six Best Ways To Learn Martial Art

by Al Case  Wednesday, August 18, 2010

There will be preferences when it comes time to learn Martial Arts, but there are also a number of things that are fairly obvious, and that we will be able to agree about. Interestingly, I came across the information I am relaying here many years ago, and have used it myself. It deals with analyzing the worth of media in transmitting information. The worst way to absorb data is through the movies or television. This is because the martial art techniques that you will see on the big screen, whether it is the art of Steven Segal, Jackie Chan, or whoever, has been altered for the camera. Yes, it may look amazing, but stuntmen and camera cuts are doing the real work.

Almost as bad as movies, and it might even be considered a toss up with these two, is the internet. While there can be gems out there, the dreck is abysmal. Dial into the internet for the purpose of actually trying to learn something (as opposed to just surfing for fun) and you dial into a common brain that doesn’t know any better, pseudo experts, massive amounts of data with no real instruction or even organization of data, what’s cool, advertising that hasn’t and can’t be tested for worth, and so on.

The third weakest method would be to try to learn from magazines. Now, this is not to be discounted, magazines do give you an overall viewpoint of what’s going on–and not just in the traditional arts–and can afford a good education as to what is out there. Good writing and the intent of the magazine to find out what the reader is really interested in, and the tendency of the worthwhile ads to stick around, makes this a viable source of finding out about different martial arts.

Fourth weakest would be to learn through martial arts videos. Now, I shouldn’t be saying say weakest, but third strongest, because one can focus on a specific art, explore that art in depth, and really get some great instruction. To be truthful, it’s a toss up between this and the next item, almost a tie, but I settled on the order you see because there are just so many terrible videos out there–it’s just too easy to string some fighting techniques together, slap a pseudo scientific label on it, and use internet marketing to blast it past common sense.

Second best and of extreme high value, when it comes to the learning procedure goes to martial arts books. With books you might not get the visual, but if you have any instruction in a training hall, books will work. Furthermore, you can get the most detail, in depth theory, the most fully thought out concepts in books–and if you can get a DVD to go along with it then you really have something.

The best method for learning the the combat discipline, hands down, is to take a martial arts class at a good training hall, one where they teach not just the blood and guts, but the heart and soul. You’ll find friendships that last, systems of combat that stuck around for thousands of years, and some pretty darned good times. Add to that that you can ask a question about anything you want at any time, and the worth of this method is undeniable.

People learn according to opportunity and means, thus, none of the things I have mentioned can be entirely discounted. And, the smart student will do a blend and educate himself so that he truly learns what he wants to learn. In the final analysis, every man is self made, and learning Martial Arts is the best way to really make oneself.

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