Yakima Ju-Jitsu Instructor Booked in Jail for Child Rape Charges

“The father was smart enough to get them out of the situation, and brought them to continue to train with me,” said Dodd, Owner of Samurai Martial Arts. “Because the kids love martial arts, they just obviously couldn’t stay

in that situation so we were outraged initially. Mostly because there wasn’t enough evidence to do anything at the time.”

But now Oliveira sits behind bars.

According to court documents, a 20-year-old girl recently told police an alarming history of sexual assault. She told officers she was made to engage in sexual intercourse with her martial arts instructor, Cristiano Oliveira at least 100 times between August of 2008 and October of 2010. At that time she was only 14 to 16-years-old.

She told police she felt like she’d been “broken” from the sexual encounters.

“For someone to be using their influence, their position in a way that is unfitting of that, it’s a detriment to the entire community,” said Dodd.
Yakima Police Detectives said they arranged a confrontation between the girl and Oliveira. Police said Oliveira confirmed the girl’s stories.  The judge set Oliveira’s bail at $1 million, and his passport has been confiscated so he can’t escape to his home country, Brazil. Oliveira faces charges of child molestation, rape of a child and sexual misconduct with a minor.

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