Benefits of Martial Arts Training For Kids

By: Laura Saunders

Admit it. When the going gets tough at home, we’ve all plopped the kids in front of the television and breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, we can get started on dinner, maybe check email or sort that massive pile of laundry.

But when your five-year old yells at you “Mom, Kids Rule!” or your ten-year old horrifies you with language that would make a sailor blush, you realize there must be something amiss with what these “family programs” really teach our kids. Continue reading

5 Tae Kwon Do Sparring Tips

By: Sasha Maggio, Jul. 14, 2010

Looking for 5 tae kwon do sparring tips? The best tae kwon do sparing tips for you can depend on which type of sparring is being engaged in. Tae kwon do, as a sport, has two main categories. The first is known as “point fighting,” and the second is Olympic-style sparring, full-contact with pads where the rules are determined by the World Taekwondo Foundation. For sparring in general, the following tips may be helpful to consider. Continue reading

Shotokan Karate Techniques

By: Sidney Williams Apr. 15, 2011

Shotokan karate techniques are rampant in martial arts movies, but let’s be real. Most of us write shotokan off as another cool kung-fu trick or something (getting two different fighting styles and two different countries confused in the process, but nevermind that). Shotokan karate is distinguished from other karate styles by its linear, direct punching, blocking and kicking techniques from low stances. Here is a list of Shotokan Karate techniques to get us better acquainted with this awesome style of karate. Continue reading

Karate Throwing Techniques That Work in Real Life!

by Monster Martial Arts

The fellow grabbed me and threw me on the floor, and I had no karate throwing techniques to stop him.

I was a Brown Belt in Karate at the time, and couldn’t believe how badly I had been manhandled, so I went to my instructor and told him what had happened. I wanted to know some Karate Throwing techniques.

Do the Forms? But I had been doing Karate Forms! I had been doing them for three years! My attacker, however, hadn’t been coming at me from the front like a stand up fighter; he had bear hugged me from the rear, trapping my arms. What good were the kata? Where were the throwing techniques in the form? Continue reading

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